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  • No to violence against women The National Executive Committee agreed the following statement on sexual violence and harassment:Sexual violence and harassment: a UCU statement Read More
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Sexual Harassment is a serious workplace issue. And trades unionists need to have the knowledge and skills to address it and prevent it from happening.

According to recent research, more than half of all women have suffered sexual harassment at work. And it's even worse for younger women – almost two-thirds of women aged 18-24 have been targeted. All of them know how undermining, humiliating – and sometimes terrifying – sexual harassment can be.

Building on the TUC's important research paper "Still Just a Bit of Banter?" we are holding one-day workshops throughout the TUC regions and nations for union officers to look at the findings of the report, learn about the TUC Sexual Harassment eNote for union reps and officers and develop trade union approaches to dealing with sexual harassment in the workplace and beyond.

More information about the workshops can be found on the TUC website by clicking here.

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