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  • No to violence against women The National Executive Committee agreed the following statement on sexual violence and harassment:Sexual violence and harassment: a UCU statement Read More
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UCU Northumbria Gallery

Internationally we face the biggest threat from the far right since the 1930s. The disturbing rise of racist and fascist activity across Europe exemplified by events in Chemnitz, Germany and the confidence given to the far right globally by the Trump presidency. The coalescing of racist and fascist groupings from the Democratic Football Lads Alliance through to UKIP and the fascists around the 'Free Tommy Robinson' campaign have resulted in mobilising on a scale not seen for decades..

The TUC are supporting the 'National Unity Demonstration Against racism and fascism. The demonstration makes an important public statement that trade unions and other organisations are opposed to the increasingly racist and xenophobic directed against some of the most vulnerable members of our communities

Join us a and help build a massive turnout on the day

Sat 17 Nov 2018 - 12:00 to 16:15

Central London WC2H 7LH exact location TBC

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