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  • No to violence against women The National Executive Committee agreed the following statement on sexual violence and harassment:Sexual violence and harassment: a UCU statement Read More
  • Your branch is now on Twitter! You can now follow us: @UCUNUbranch
  • New blog! To keep you updated with what we do we have created a new blog, the last item on the menu
  • Forum Policies put forward by Management can now be commented on in a ucu forum Read More
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UCU Northumbria Gallery

If you have not already placed your cross in the box, time is running out to cast your vote in the Pay and Equality Ballot. Please can we encourage you to make your voice heard by voting before the deadline of 22 February.

As our colleague Mark Husmann has demonstrated, the process takes less than a minute! https://vimeo.com/312088923

If you have any questions about the ballot please don’t hesitate to contact your rep and/or you can read more about it here https://www.ucu.org.uk/he2018

If you need a replacement ballot paper this can be obtained online  https://yoursay.ucu.org.uk/s3/HEballot

If you’ve already voted you can log that information here and this will ensure you don’t get any reminders from UCU national https://yoursay.ucu.org.uk/s3/HEballot

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