Our key achievements

As a branch we have had many successes over the years and we will continue to fight for more. Here are the key ones.

1 - Our success as a branch can be gauged from the aftermath of the Academic Workload Framework, as our objections to the most oppressive aspects were subsequently upheld. For example:

    • The proposed 40:40:20 allocation across teaching, research and administration did not appear in the final version.
    • The existing block leave entitlement has been retained
    • the 36-week teaching year has been retained
    • the proposed Performance Review scheme is now the "Performance Development and Appraisal" scheme and is completely different from the tight performance-related scrutiny it was going to be.
    • 1:1 teaching preparation time has been retained
    • RSE retains existing entitlement to self-managed scholarship, albeit expressed as a percentage rather than a number of days
    • Safeguards that the proposed AWP threatened to remove have been retained


2 - Successful negotiation over ESAP, with management drastically stepping back from their attempts to impose it

3 - Individual case work on bullying brought to a successful resolution

4 - Individual case work on excessive workloads, subsequently reduced to reasonable levels.

5 - Conversion of 14 part-timers into fractional contracts.

6 - Have helped members achieve substantive contracts from fixed term

7 - Have helped members achieve substantive contracts from fixed term

8 - One of the highest part-time sessional rates in the country with 2 incremental
points between £45-£49

9 - Forced management, through massive campaigning and industrial action, to double their "initial final offer" of 1% pay rise, resulting in a 2% rise.

10 - A very successful Know your Rights leafleting campaign

We also help you at an individual level whenever you are dealing with an issue and we can make a difference:

 "Dealing with a grievance in the workplace can be a traumatic and soul destroying time. Having my UCU Rep there to support and advise me helped me keep a clear head to deal with the long process effectively and focus on de- personalising events in order to concentrate on and present the real facts. Whilst most Reps are not qualified mediators, I was lucky enough to have such a person who helped me compartmentalise events and feelings in order to get clearer pictures in my head. The role of a Rep is demanding and time consuming and my rep was always at hand to keep me calm and if she was busy I knew exactly when I could contact her, never feeling abandoned. Without my UCU Rep, I do not feel I could have gone through the grievance procedure without breaking down. She helped me come out the other end of the process a better person"

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