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The University and College Union (UCU) represents over 120,000 academics, lecturers, trainers, instructors, researchers, managers, administrators, computer staff, librarians and postgraduates in universities, colleges, prisons, adult education and training organisations across the UK. 

Northumbria UCU is a large, strong, growing and organised branch, with reps across the university. When you are in UCU, you are part of an organisation representing the vast majority of academic staff at the university, and the only body who can negotiate and agree key issues of your working life.  Your UCU works with you, supporting you to ensure the best aspects of working at Northumbria are secured.  But your UCU can also represent and help you if problems arise, so join before you need to.

People join UCU for a wide range of reasons, and a large branch like Northumbria has members with many different views on a wide range of topics.  Your branch is united, though, in campaigning and negotiating locally and nationally on what matters to you: workloads, health and safety (especially during the pandemic), parental leave, reducing stress, contracts and conditions for casualised staff, the gender and ethnic pay gap, and much more.  So your membership gives you a stake in protecting what matters to you. 

Find out more, including details of your rights at Northumbria, here:  If you have a problem connected with your work, please contact the Branch Chair, Adam Hansen (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), look on the Branch website for your rep (see, or see here: Getting help.

The bigger the branch, the stronger your union – so if you are not a member, or want to encourage a friend or colleague to join, do it today here:

Please remember: the costs of membership are linked to your salary, are tax deductible, and start from £1 per month for the low-waged. You are also entitled to offset 67% of your dues against tax, making it much cheaper than the published rates:


  • What are the other benefits of membership?

Being a full member of UCU entitles you to directly access advice, advocacy and support from our excellent local branch reps and case workers.  If necessary, and appropriate, you can also access legal services, and support from UCU regionally.  UCU also offers a wide range of CPD, networking and training opportunities to help you to get the best out of your career, and take part in the union's local and national decision making.

As you’ll see over the page, UCU offers a range of membership benefits and services in addition to employment, education, and campaigning support. By making full use of these benefits, offered through recognised providers, you could save the cost of your subscription many times over.


Click on the headings below to find out more:

Counselling, support, financial assistance and more.

UCU's Continuing Professional Development programme includes free resources and courses, on research bidding, pedagogy, leadership, stress-management and more.

Legal help for you and your family: family law services • wills online • probate and estate administration • lasting powers of attorney • property (including conveyancing and landlord & tenant) • road traffic defence • professional negligence • medical negligence.

If you have concerns or experience sexual harassment call 0800 138 8724 in confidence, free of charge and 24/7 to discuss options, receive counselling (if clinically appropriate), and details of other sources of support.

The union's specialist personal injury lawyers can help you to recover compensation.

Lighthouse Financial Advice Limited (Lighthouse) is the appointed provider of financial advice for UCU members.

Benefit from tailored products and exclusive discounts on car insurance, home insurance, travel insurance and lots more as UCU member.


UCU takes the protection of your information very seriously. We never sell membership lists to an outside organisation. Read more about our processes and your rights.


  • Can Postgraduate students join?

Yes, membership is free while you complete your studies or for up to four years if you are also employed in teaching or research. If you are an employed postgraduate who is providing or supporting education, training or research, we offer free membership for up to four years. You should apply for standard UCU membership to activate the free membership option. Future subscriptions will be based on your earnings with reduced rates for those on lower incomes. Please note - members are responsible for updating subscription and payment details.



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