Parental leave

Northumbria University currently offers academics 4 weeks full pay maternity leave (1 week paternity). Senior managers in the university will only improve this if staff accept detriments to sick leave, sick pay and probation, as part of what they call 'give and take'. A letter signed by politicians, women's groups, maternity campaigners, prominent researchers, and faith leaders says this is a bad idea. Here's the letter:


Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson (Chancellor, Northumbria University)

Dr Roberta Blackman-Woods (Chair of Board of Governors, Northumbria University)

Professor Tom Lawson (Acting Vice-Chancellor, Northumbria University)

Jane Embley (Director of HR, Northumbria University)

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Strike action

Please find attached a Flyer explaining everything you need to know about the upcoming strike:


Newsletter - December 2021

Festive Greetings and…Get the Vote Out! 

The ballot on workloads opened last week, and ends on 14 January.  Please remember to vote, vote yes, and tell your rep when (not how!) you’ve voted to limit the communications you receive on this – and plenty will be coming.  If you need a new ballot paper, please click on this link:  In case you missed it, our branch has been doing lots to get the vote out, including sharing a festive quiz, and a bid for Christmas Number One: 

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Newsletter - November 2021

UCU exert a certain power over members’ (Professor Tom Lawson, DVC, 24/11/21)

  • Justice for Emma-Jane Phillips: An Attack On One Is an Attack on All

Northumbria UCU is appalled at the treatment of Emma-Jane Phillips, one of its branch officers, who is also a disabled member and colleague, as a consequence of raising long-standing and legitimate concerns about fair, equal and reasonable treatment at work.  So many of you will know, admire, and appreciate Emma-Jane, for all the work she has done for individual members, and for the branch as a whole – there are fewer more expert and more valued colleagues or union officials in the region, let alone in our branch.  Emma-Jane is being investigated by HR and Senior Management – not her line manager, as should be the case – with a view to potential disciplinary action.  Given Emma-Jane’s status, this is an attack on her, on anyone with a disability, on the branch, and on trade unions.  At the most recent branch meeting, Northumbria UCU voted unanimously for all members to express solidarity with Emma-Jane, and committed to supporting her by organising events, publicising her case and the issues as widely as possible, and moving to declare a dispute with a view to undertaking industrial action if this matter is not resolved.  Many other UCU branches in the region and beyond have passed motions or taken action in support of Emma-Jane and the branch.  Share messages of support with Adam Hansen, Branch Chair (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), look out for events about this, and get involved in the media coverage this will inevitably generate.


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