Members express their concerns about grade 8/9 reviews

Here are some of the concerns members have been sending us about the impact of the grade 8 and grade 9 reviews.


I’ve cried since I heard about this re-structure, every night. It is destabilising the day to day management of our jobs, grade 8s are wobbly and now grade 9s.  No information has been shared about the rationale for or process of this latest delayering, and no notice is being taken of what this is doing to staff mental health. HSE should be investigating the stress caused to staff by this constant change being forced on us. If VS was offered today we would lose a large number of loyal and competent staff just because they are fed up with constant instability and change. There is much literature out there which proves performance related pay does not work and we (grade 9s) don’t want it. Why are we being targeted and not professors? I feel in a real bind – should I leave a job I love (or maybe lose it) or take on 2 jobs (AD and HOD), when I can’t even do one properly just now?'

If you have concerns/fears that you wish to share with members please send them in and we'll post them here...


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