Policies under consultation

Our responses to proposals on maternity and paternity policy

Following our Committee meeting (1/12/21), this is UCU’s latest response to the ‘final’ proposals on terms and conditions (as articulated here: https://one.northumbria.ac.uk/staff/Pages/NewsArticle.aspx?articleId=1558).

Some aspects of the proposals do indeed represent a welcome move forward, and we appreciate the explicit statement in the proposals that ‘Under our collective bargaining arrangements, we are committed to seeking agreement with our recognised trade unions’.  With that in mind, however, in general we could and would not, at this stage, recommend these proposals to members.  In part this is because we (and members) would need more information to do so, and in part because some aspects of the proposals are unacceptable in their current state. As ever, we remain happy to meet to negotiate a mutually-satisfactory resolution to these matters, when other, current disputes have been prioritised and resolved.

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drug and alcohol policy

The University is proposing to change its policy related to drug and alcohol. You can find the new policy here. We would welcome the views of UCU members on this latests set of proposals. Please send your comments to your local reps.

Grade 8 Review: University management outlines its final arrangements for introduction of Associate Professor role

DVC Peter Francis contacted all Grade 8 academic staff last week to outline the latest and final revisions for the introduction of the Associate Professor role at Northumbria.

The introduction of these new roles will not only have significant implications for all grade 8 staff involved in the transition to Associate Professor but potentially all other academic staff as well. We would therefore welcome the views of UCU members on this latests set of proposals..

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