Vision 2025 and the Emperor’s New Clothes

Last year, your UCU branch published “Alternative Visions for the Future of Northumbria”. This was a newsletter that highlighted the calamitous results of Northumbria’s staff survey, some of the worst known at any university and some of the worst in the entire public sector, inviting you to share your views and to contribute to formulating a constructive alternative. In 2014, only 34% of Northumbria staff felt valued by the University; a majority feared for their job security; 71% felt that there was no culture of mutual respect and collaboration; 73% felt that the University was failing to retain its best people; 80% felt that the University Executive did not listen to or respond to the views of its staff; about half of you were often thinking about leaving; 79% felt that recent changes had been negative; 78% felt that such change was managed badly. The evolution of these “satisfaction” rates painted an eye-watering picture, with most indicators rapidly deteriorating by more than 30 percentual points during the first years of implementation of our current Corporate Strategy.

You can read our “Alternative Visions” document, and contribute to it, here:


Can you imagine what would happen if the University had those results in the NSS? Can you imagine what would happen if there was a national league table based on Staff Survey results?

 Vision 2025 and the Emperor's New Clothes

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