Industrial action strategy

UCU has been thinking about how best to respond to the challenges facing our industry, regarding issues like pay, pensions, inequality and stress. This has involved discussions across the country, involving branches like ours, about strategies for effective industrial action. No-one likes taking industrial action, and everyone knows the impact it has on staff and students, but sometimes, regrettably, it is a union's only remaining option to safeguard jobs and conditions, so if we do it we need to do it well. You can find here the report of the commission for effective industrial action (CEIA) which was set up following last year's Congress. Northumbria UCU is making a further contribution to this debate with our motion to the upcoming national Congress about reinstating the possibility of 2-hour strikes.

You will receive an email inviting you to participate in an anonymous consultation on this very issue. The email will come from an address that looks like the following: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
It will give you a unique link to the consultation website, where you will be able to add your comments on the document, see other people's comments, and make suggestions. All posts to the site will be completely anonymized, so please speak frankly and freely. That said, please be polite! Moderators will be observing the site to make sure decorum reigns. (Please note that your posts won't appear immediately, due to the moderation process.)

The consultation will be open until March 5, to give the branch executive time to analyse its findings before reporting to UCU's head office. Please have a look at the report (linked above) and please contribute to the consultation! 

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