Protect Pont Valley

Pont Valley's legal battle for nature, climate & community - By Campaign to Protect Pont Valley

300 metres from my house, the habitats of protected species are being destroyed to extract coal; fuelling climate change and lining the pockets of the mining company, Banks Group. We believe we can prove that Banks Group has committed crimes against wildlife, and the government let them continue their destructive project, despite claiming to be 'powering past coal'. So far we've won public enquiries, camped in the snow, documented protected species on the site and more. We will use all tools available to us to stop the opencast and challenge the power of fossil fuel companies.
Why a legal battle?
The Secretary of State provided no reasoning or evidence to justify upholding Banks' permit, when myself and my community put forward detailed arguments as to why it should be revoked. We're going to challenge this decision in the High Court. Also this summer, a judge concluded that there wasn't enough evidence to prove Banks is not committing a wildlife crime in Pont Valley. Protectors who had camped in the valley were successful in their defence that they acted to prevent a wildlife crime. Based on this, we believe we have the stronger argument against the opencast, and against Banks' 'Development with Care' image. National and local government has failed us - we need to take this to the courts.


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