Reclaim the night

Last Saturday (21st November 2015) in Newcastle 150 men women and children braved the cold weather to march from Old Eldon Square to Sports Central for the ninth Annual Reclaim the Night event organised by the Northern TUC Women's Group, headed by the Bangshees (a band of fabulous female drummers).

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Our blog

As you might have seen, we now have a new section on our website to blog about what we do on a regular basis. We did a competition to find an appropriate name for it and our membership officer Mark Husmann won with his proposal. Our blog will therefore, from now on, be called "Wor blog"! Well done Mark!:-)

New on this website

In order to give you more information about what we do on a weekly basis we have created a blog on this website. It is the last item on the menu. Do check it out! :-)

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